Caricature by Gary Fasen

Ron is an airbrush illustrator and educator who operates out of a studio at 404 East Market Street in Charlottesville, VA. He has instructed at Airbrush Magazine seminars in Gatlinburg, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Ron also has taught Airbrush Illustration at Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, as well as private and group airbrush lessons in his studio. Ron has been featured in Airbrush Magazine and has also had art published in Artist Magazine and on the covers of several periodical publications. Ron teaches custom mini seminars for various corporations, organizations, and small businesses throughout the U.S. In addition, each November, airbrush seminars are conducted at Art of the Carolinas in Raleigh, NC which is presented by Jerry's Artarama. Please email if you or your organization desires information on a custom educational seminar.

In addition to being an airbrush illustrator and instructor, Ron is a full-time CPA in Charlottesville, VA. The contrast between the structured business world and freeform world of creative art, provides quite an interesting existence, and requires a balancing act to remain successful in both worlds.

In July 1999, Ron was one of six airbrush artists to body paint at the Woodstock Festival in Rome, New York. Click here to visit a gallery of body art rendered by Ron and fellow artists at Woodstock. There is by necessity some nudity involved in the gallery, but it is presented tastefully and with a sense of humor. In December 1999, Ron bodypainted at the Millenium Phish Concert in the Florida Everglades and a gallery of the work is also provided.

"Hopefully this site will serve to introduce new airbrush friends to my style of airbrush art, which I call stylized or fantasized realism, and will also provide a means of keeping old friends up to date on my current endeavors. Also I anticipate this site will be a meeting place where airbrush friends and associates will be prompted to e-mail messages, thereby providing more of an opportunity to stay in touch."


Ron and Brenda with sign Sign

Sand-blasted and airbrushed cedar sign in progress. See how-to article by Ron Shuey and Brenda Siemon in the Vol 5.2 issue of Airbrush Magazine. Brenda is a sign maker extraordinaire from Brodhagen, Ontario, Canada.


Ron decked out as the Grim Reaper for Halloween '99
Ron decked out as
the Grim Reaper
for Halloween


Shuey familly: wife Linda, daughter Wendy and son Sam. Linda is a high school math teacher.
Wendy has been a producer/editor in NY and LA. She's co-founder of vivus media in
Los Angeles, CA. Sam attended VCU Art School and now has gone from large oil canvases to outstanding
tattoo design . Wendy plays drums and Sam plays electric guitar,
so the Shuey household occasionally sends power rock throughout
the otherwise tranquil Virginia countryside.
(Sort of like a mutated "Sound of Music" plot.)

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